Pocketmouse at Torrey Pines

Pocketmouse at Torrey Pines


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Pocketmouse is sad to leave his friends at Crystal Cove, but he’s determined to find his family. When a clue to their location turns up, he heads south to Torrey Pines. But no sooner does Pocketmouse arrive at Torrey Pines than he hears the blood-chilling howls of coyotes. With the help of a Torrey pine tree, Pocketmouse prepares for battle. But how can a little mouse defeat a band of coyotes? Kids everywhere will enjoy the excitement of Pocketmouse’s West Coast adventure, but they’ll also learn that it takes perseverance and resourcefulness to realize one’s dreams.

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100 in stock

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  • Format: Hardback Picture Book
  • Size: 8 x 10
  • Age: 4 to 10
  • Author: Marian Parks Illustrator: Melinda Beavers
  • Themes: Endangered Animals, Perseverance, Torrey Pines
  • Language: English


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