California State Mining and Mineral Museum

The California State Mining and Mineral Museum, a treasure trove of sparkling mineral and rock specimens, is a must see destination for California second and fourth graders studying earth science, or for families embarking on gold panning adventures in California’s Mother Lode.

The museum hosts dazzling displays of gold, silver, copper, and platinum, but its most famous exhibit is the Fricot Nugget. It was discovered during the historic California Gold Rush, and it is now the largest remaining crystalline gold specimen found during that era. Kids will learn that gold didn’t just pop up from the ground, but it took a lot of hard work to mine for gold. A walk through the park’s mine tunnel will reveal how difficult it was to extract gold from rock during the mid-1800s.

Be sure to visit this inspirational museum. Everyone in the family will leave this state park with a better understanding of the amazing minerals and rocks hidden in California’s golden crust.

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California Mining and Mineral Museum